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Yes, believe it or not, I have a blog. It’s completely unfinished, and I decided to start posting here occasionally, and perhaps if I really get to it, it’ll become something. You know, the dive-in-now-and-hope-that-makes-you-take-it-seriously routine.

Warning, this is mostly going to be odds and ends of things that I’ve been half-heartedly thinking about, and a great deal about my kids. Maybe even some pictures, unless I am very lazy.

First of all, I want to tell you that I have no IDEA how it happened that I have three little boys. It’s crazy. Okay, I know how it happened, but I still can’t believe they are here. Really strange. And they aren’t like the pets I collected when I was younger — they actually get mad at me, though, true, it’s more likely that they are angry at inanimate objects. However, that may be a male thing. Anyway, sometimes I find Jack most surprising of all. He doesn’t have the tiny clean faces of my other kids. He’s all square face with a dominant nose, dominant eyes, dominant mouth, and dominant chin. Seriously. That kid has a presence. He’s all face. And increasingly, he’s been developing his own serious presence.

For example, he’s really sweet. But also very tricky. Frequently of late, when he offers to give you a very sweet kiss, he licks your cheek, bites your cheek, or blows a raspberry. And then collapses, snickering, at his own joke. I see some Hurd residue showing up.

He’s also started saying “water” consistently. I’m a bit surprised, because Rollie said “Glaughen-glaughen” for water until he was two, so I was expecting something a bit more dramatic. But Jack makes up for it by consistently saying “nope” for yes. You have to do a bit of a double take when someone says no instead of yes. Any other kind of word is okay; it’s pretty easy to remember that “Boop” is “book”, but “nope” for yes? Much more difficult.
Me: “Jack, would you like to get out of the bath?”
Jack: “Nope!”

Me: “Jack, would you like some water?”
Jack: “Nope!”

Me: “Jack, do you want to go to bed?”
Jack: “Nope!”

I REALLY have to decide if I believe it about the last one, but I really do think he wants to go to bed. He loves his bears. Rollie likes animals and adopted all of the bears that Kai didn’t want, but Jack LOVES his bears. I put him in bed and find his bear. Then, he tackles it like a rugby player, and lays on it, probably so it can’t get away. You may think I’m being creative here, but I assure you, I’m not. He literally throws himself onto the bear and lays on it with his arms and legs underneath him until he goes to sleep. This position can sometimes bring serious repercussions.

For example, Marty and I were about to have dessert the other night (*) when I heard Jack screaming. Like scared and hurt screaming all at the same time. Which of course, scared ME. I ran and got him, and he still screamed, and acted as if something was biting him. I took all of his clothes off, but found nothing. He wouldn’t nurse, but continued to act like ants were biting him, holding up his hands and gazing at them with horror. It looked like he thought they might turn on him and strangle him like Dr. Strangelove. Then Marty realized they were all red. In fact, in laying on his bear with his arms around it, Jack had put both of his arms to sleep. He was very traumatized by the horrid event, and it was only after snuggling with me for half an hour and sharing my ice-cream that he was reading to go back to sleep.

*Actually, I was having dessert. Marty never has dessert. It drives me crazy, but there it is.

Update: Now he’s really made up his mind and is saying “nope-yesh” for Yes. At least that gets rid of the confusion.

Anyway, I hope everybody’s having a great weekend thus far, and I hope you’re all going to have a very blessed Lord’s Day. Palm Sunday, no less!

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