More old pictures, and an article that is not. An old picture.

Here’s an excellent article via The Orange Slate on talking too much.

In my family, it’s dealt with pretty easily. There are four conversations going on at once, so you just move to a new conversation. Or you shout down the conversation-hogger. Yes… we’re pretty rude. But sincere. Hey, we’ll take that over austerity any day.

Speaking of my own family, it gets really fun when I go back to Texas to visit them. So much to say, so little time! For all of us. Everyone is talking, so the noise escalates until everyone is all but yelling. Which is awesome. Probably overwhelming for people who didn’t grow up with it, though.

I was reading an introduction to a book the other day, and the author mentioned how complex it is trying to write a character interacting with a whole family. Because every person, he said, acts differently, depending on the person he’s with. And it’s so true! When I go home to my family, I’m not the same person I am with Marty’s family. And he’s not the same person with my family that he is around his brother, for example.

Back to Talking Too Much. 20 seconds; the difference between a diatribe and a conversation. Sometimes I feel like my 20 seconds are up before I even start talking.

Oh, something they forgot – subjects. Companionship means that you are in the company of someone else. Good companionship means that you try to find a subject of interest to all the people around you, rather than one only of interest to yourself. The author of the article mentions victims in a tongue in cheek way – are you making everyone around you the victim of a constant monologue on a subject only you enjoy? Whatever that is, it isn’t conversation, because there’s no exchange of ideas. It may fit the technical definition of companionship because there are at least two bodies in the same room, but it isn’t good companionship.

Why yes, that was a monologue, thank you for noticing. But it’s my blog, so I get to. And hey, that’s the cool thing about a blog. Anyone who reads it wants to be reading it. Even if they think, “meh”, nobody can accuse me of standing them in a corner and talking at them until their eyes start bleeding.

Here’s what I found Jack doing on January 19th, 2012:




And here’s something Marty said right at that same time: “I do money lingerie. It’s like money laundering, just far less of it.” LOL, oh dear…

And here’s something from Rollie, in Feb. 2012

“Rollie has two friends. One is a girl, three and a half years old, who has no name. The other one is a porcupine, who often lets Rollie hold him on walks. He’s a very considerate porcupine. According to Rollie, he takes off his porks so that Rollie can hold him without getting hurt.”

I wasn’t even aware that he could talk at that time.


Awww, Aunt and Uncle pestering at the J’s.


Rollie. So chubby..

Rollie, looking into the dark shop: “Wow, it’s so DARK and HANDSOME in there.”
Feb. 20th, 2012


Brothers… ya’ know, just doin’ what brothers do. Jetpacking.

Kai: “Hmmm… what can I use for a bookmark?”
Marty: “Put a booger in it.”
Kai: “No! EW.”
Feb. 17th, 2012


Wow. I have no idea what that’s about.

Marty: “We need to go clean your room before bedtime, Kai.”
Kai: “It would take nearly 50 men to do that, I think.”
Feb. 10, 2012

Me: “Kai, put the crayons away, please.”
Kai: “Alright, since you exist.”

One more, because these are a lot funnier than I remembered:

On our evening walk:
Rollie: “I am looking for the squirrel that got squished as flat as a pancake!”
Marty: “Yes, someone kinder than us picked him up–”
Rollie: “And ATE him!”
Marty: “……. people don’t *usually* eat roadkill.”
January 8, 2012

And one more from Marty, because it’s so beautiful:

Girls at the Georgia Tech Metal shop: “Marty, you look so tired!”
Marty: “That’s because there were five people in my bed last night.”
*long pause and raised eyebrows from the girls*
Marty: “Uh…. you know, my wife, and my three kids. The kids were sick.”
December 4, 2010

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  1. Rachel says:

    Haha!!!! I love that last one. That is awesome. And all those old pictures– so great. Clearly, I’m catching up on some of your blog entries a bit late… 🙂

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