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I forgot to add one of Sara’s pictures (from her instagram) of the second cake she made. Honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to choose between them! It was oreo with strawberries, and it was amazing.

Instagram - Google Chrome_2015-06-09_18-06-56

Well, between unpacking, washing ALL THE CLOTHES, and getting sick, we’ve done precisely nothing all week. It’s pretty funny to see how each child has reacted to this particular brand of sickness. Kai turned rather grey, declined all food, and silently laid on the floor all day.

He also projectile vomited all over our supper…. TMI? You’ll be glad to hear that I threw all the freshly cut watermelon away. And the chicken. And the potatoes. A sore blow to my thrifty self. It did cross my mind that it could be washed, but even I wouldn’t go that far. Marty makes sure of that. Just kidding.

Now Jack, he had actual chills, and kept us up all night. I’m pretty sure he didn’t stop moving until dawn. THEN he went to sleep. Longest night ever. Strike that, 4th longest night ever.

Rollie’s not sick yet, but he only ate three bites for supper, so I know it’s on the way.

Before everyone started getting sick,  the boys began work on their new belts. I’ve been promising to let them tool their own belts for about a month. I finally got the pieces cut out, wetted down, and properly cased. Kai’s is coming along nicely. He said he feels rather grown up, since he’s actually doing a real project.


Rollie’s…. well, Rollie’s is coming along predictably. “See mom, look! The star has RAIN on it. HA HA!”


Jack’s is very similar.


Partially disrobed Jack. Why partially disrobed?- well, you never know with Jack.


I know I said I haven’t gotten anything done, but yesterday I bestirred my bones and cut out the pieces for the new purse I’m making (it’s going to be so cool!). Then, my homie, Alli, made the next part of the zipper happen by distracting my attention from it. The whole process was very successful.

Oh yes, and then, my brother, Packy, had a music camp recital today, and Dad thoughtfully provided video. He sounds great!!

SWBTS summer music camp recital

Posted by Patrick Hurd on Friday, June 12, 2015

In case you can’t view the video (my page is being recalcitrant) just click on the date above.

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