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I just sat in on an all-girl meal planning session about Thanksgiving (via phone). I miss my Texas people!! Excuse me while I wax sentimental, but I miss the multi-person group heart-to-heart conversations that are only possible with your own family, and only seem to get better with time and additional awesome sister-in-laws. 11 days, yay!



Jack got Turkish Delight for his birthday. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

I’ve been feeling like the proverbial headless chicken; still running around, but in no particular direction. Too many projects, too many things to do, too many things I want to do. So, what do I do? Accomplish small details, and plan bigger ones to make it even more confusing.

One of the more enjoyable projects involves carving birds and painting them with acrylics. My Leatherworker forum friends tell me I should water the paint down significantly, so we’ll see how the next one turns out.





Also, cooking. I made the best coffee cake last week. It’s made with coffee and powdered espresso, and laced lavishly with espresso/chocolate/butter. Make it. Today.


Graphing their candy haul.




Marty camouflaged Jack’s tank for him the other night.

Jack: “We should bring a honey jug wherever we go in case we find a bee’s nest. Then we can just pour some in.”

Also from Jack: “You’ll always remember yourself when you die…”

And lastly, yes:

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