Thanksgiving in Texas, 2015, 1st part of many

Our Texas visit was whirlwind busy this time. I have to break up the days, and we didn’t even take pictures every day.

We traveled on Tuesday, and arrived at about 11:30. Naturally, we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning eating soup and discussing books.



On Wednesday, we walked over to see Micah’s Tiny House the boys are helping him build. Well…. I say helping, but Clarke and Wes are the ones who know how to build a house. The other boys do what they are told and offer unnecessary criticism. Or something like that. If I’m wrong someone will let me know. Jack got to use a nail gun for the first time, which was cool.










Cameron just shot a deer the other day – unfortunately, part of the horn was broken off.



He looks like some sort of forest king/gruesome.


You can see stormy weather coming up…. as it turned out, Wednesday was the only day that wasn’t wretchedly wet.


Hey Oliver.

We then went through Alli’s recent art work, here are a few of my favorites:


She did this hilarious one of Jack, and then I left it behind! Phooey.


Alli and Hannah have been collaborating, Hannah adding tiny little details to Allison’s bigger things. So Allison drew the owl and Hannah filled it in with detail doodles. I know there are some zentangles in there, too, but I don’t know all the right terms. Here are a few more examples:



Then, some of my favorite watercolors:




Hannah added details to the crown and eyes for the queen, and I didn’t take a picture after she finished. 🙁


This guy is my top fav. Super cool.

After that, we went to Pepa and Meme’s to help them go through some boxes.



We found some old pictures of them when they were young. It was amazing how many of the boys look like Pepa.





Here they are at White Sands!



Here, Pepa looks just like Cameron.


What? Scandalous!




Here, Pepa looks like Clarke.



Here, Pepa looks like Micah or Cameron.




Even MORE scandalous!




AW! We’re obviously enjoying these way too much.






Then Pepa showed us his man-cave:




And Melody climbed the neighbor’s tree…. why? We don’t know.



Oh yes, of course. She needed the mistletoe so she could pester people.

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