Thanksgiving in Texas, 2015, Thursday


Melody and Samya making develed eggs..

**edit** – this, by the way, is a portrait of Samya and Melody by Allison, with details added by Hannah:

_MG_7891 _MG_7892

Very them, I think. Mike Wazowski and Sulley, in case you didn’t figure it out. Samya also instructed us in modern dance, and Andy showed off his moves. There *was* a video of it, but someone disappeared it.




































Alli and I collaborated on this fun little pouch for Hannah. She painted the Dr. Who Dalek. I think it turned out quite sinister.





We were so distracted by various and sundry celebrations and news that we didn’t end up recording a song on this visit. Sadness. We did sing one, though, and Mom took a video of a practice session. Of course, it ends on a rather scary note, but the singing is still there:

Preparing for Thanksgiving crab boil. Missing the McCasslands and Kaihts.

Posted by Carrie Hurd on Saturday, November 28, 2015


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