January 2016

It’s been cold, and we’ve been sick, so we’ve been doing quiet things. Like bundling up in multiple layers and running our quarter mile circle before bed. You know, that kind of quiet.

Marty gave the boys pen kids for Christmas, and they built them this weekend. Jack went first, and boy, did he feel important being out in the shop with Dad all by himself.

Fancy shmancy, right?

Almost as nice as mine. 😛

Since I’m boss-Mom, I got the first case:

I was in the mood to experiment with the caiman alligator scraps I’ve had for ages.

Two days later, I now realize why people pay the big bucks (at least $500 per hide) for alligator that isn’t caiman.

Forget that, it’s useless. Also, pretty, if you can beat it into submission. Never again, though.

Don’t let all those pictures of stitching fool you, my wrists are on temporary vacation. Because of the stitching. That’s as good a reason as any to catch up on housework.

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