Feb. 2016

February has been busy – or maybe we’ve been too lame to take pictures.

A couple of weeks back, Rollie spent days going through a vintage kids’ cookbook, requesting each unappetizing object. We finally settled on a compromise – we make a cake from it instead of battered vegetables, and he and Jack handle the cake-making. I oversaw the job and showed them how to measure things properly, but otherwise, they did pretty much everything.

To the victor, the spoils.

I let them decorate it at their discretion, so they used every kind of sprinkle.

I spent the last two weeks edging, and edging, and edging.

A picture of my lovely new leather, because why not? Now if I can only find time to make something with it. (And no, that’s not real alligator- it’s cow print, but Horween cow print, and lovely stuff.)

Most of you have seen what I have made lately on instagram, but if you’re not on instagram, you can see pictures on my leatherworking¬†blog.

Jack wasn’t feeling so great one day last week, so he and I enjoyed a lot of quality snuggling as the snow swirled around. It didn’t stick, but it made everything very cozy.

Valentine’s weekend was fun at church with a workday on Saturday and a Valentine’s lunch after church. I dispensed with the fancy dinner in the evening (thank you very much), and the boys had fun opening their Valentine’s packages. We started giving the boys a coin for their coin collection every year for Valentine’s, and this year they got a few Roman or middle eastern coins.

And, of course, more Star Wars micro machines, because why not?

Marty started this whole writing on windows thing… not sure how I feel about it, but it’s kinda’ fun.

Making kissy-faces at Darth Vader because it’s Valentine’s Day, and he can’t escape.

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