National Sibling Day

It was National Sibling day a couple days back. I might have been more inclined to pay it more mind if it wasn’t followed rather closely by National Pet day. And National Grilled Cheese Sandwich day. Come on, guys, reducing our siblings to the level of a grilled cheese sandwich? Okay, grilled cheese is pretty good. Siblings come close-ish.

Of course it’s not a real thing, it’s an excuse to brag on your siblings, and why not?

It’s weird being one of the oldest ones. Everywhere I go, I’m the baby. I’m never going to be allowed to feel old. I’m approaching 30, and instead of feeling panic, I feel relief; finally, I won’t be the only one among our friends still in their 20’s! But when I go home, I’m one of the Older Kids, those bossy tyrants who inexplicably seemed to enjoy making sure everyone did what they were supposed to be doing. Hmph.

I am rather ridiculously fond of my siblings. If they are arrogant (they are), they aren’t too arrogant to admit when they are wrong. If they are wrong (they are, sometimes), they go all out, and are wrong with integrity. They don’t snub people, they are never intentionally unkind or mean spirited, but are continually hopeful and forgiving. If they don’t like you or are offended with you, they don’t grow snide, nasty, or manipulative. They are obnoxious without guile, and when not that, punctiliously considerate. They are my best friends, and I can’t wait to grow old with them.

As humans, we all fall short, but I’d rather fall short with these guys than with anybody else.













(Photo credit on this photo: Hannah)





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