MBC Camp Sunrise, Memorial Day picnic, 2016

After a good half mile, we heard “wait, wait!” behind us.



Zip-lining – I wimped out this time. Jack and I left them to it and went kayaking on the lake. Jack went swimming with the other younger kids, taking turns swinging over the water with a rope. No pictures, though, since Marty had the camera.
At one point Sara floated off in an inner tube and had to be chased down in a kayak. Only, the wind blew her around so much I had to circle several times before I caught her, and ultimately decided it’d be easier for the swimmers to haul her back.
Marty, picking Matthew up by his harness.
Marty said Rollie had the most amazing look of terror on his face — for the first couple of seconds. From his description, it sounded like a rictus of terror. After that, of course, he wanted to go again.

Rockets with Jermiah and Matthew.
And finally, at the lake:
This doesn’t nearly describe it, since Marty put the camera away. The little kids were all swimming around under a tree, the young adults floating in inner tubes or kayaks, or jumping off the bridge. Jack and Rollie kayaked a little with Marty and me, but we eventually set them up in their own kayaks and they floundered around by themselves pretty well. The adults lounged around in kayaks with their feet over the side, fending off the kids. At one point, James Parunak came gliding over, bumped into Patricia’s kayak and said, “excuse me,” his calling card, “don’t panic, I jus’ need to hold onto something so I relax for a while without floating away.” Fortunately, we weren’t planning on going anywhere.

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