My kids have mutated. It’s the summer air. They are almost unrecognizable. For a year, they have been relatively charming creatures who did their school with a fair amount of dedication, and even, dare I say, interest. No more. Being in the same room with them is a challenge right now. Not all of them at the same time. Not usually. But there’s always one ready to be the broken egg yolk, seeping all over the floor.


Don’t be deceived, it’s not this peaceful. 😉


Their sense of mischief is developing — in a bad way. For a while opening a door might result in clothing falling on your head. Or maybe the door would scoot a cup of water across the floor, sadly not overturning it as Rollie hoped, but certainly signaling his intent. Rollie gave up on the subtler forms and poured a cup of water over Kai’s head just at bed-time the other day. He did make an effort to keep the water above the sink. The sprayer on the kitchen sink has been unsuccessfully taped numerous times, but only successfully taped once. Once is all it takes to get that joke outlawed for good.




There have been so many unsavory and messy “April Fools Jokes” that as a sort of peace offering they developed the “May Fools” or “June Fools Jokes”. These are antonym jokes. Instead of making messes, these jokes clean things up.

Their favorite May Fools joke involves their room, and has to be done very occasionally to be convincing. You need a messy room, a Mom who really wants it cleaned up, and Rollie, the mischief planner. First they dally. Then I get frustrated. Then comes the clever part – they pretend to dally, all the while speeding around like crazy people, cleaning up the room. They pretend to fight with each other loudly and tip-toe around so I can’t hear them putting things away. Then, when I come to check on their work, having heard zero cleaning and a lot of vocal quarreling, the room is spotless. That’s my kind of joke.



In the breaks between subjects they started making paper puppets, which of course, let to origami. We’re really bad at it, so far.





Here’s my friendly fox on my latest knapsack order.

Jack was very attached to a flake of paint. Not physically, mentally.

When we go to see Steve and Rachel, we are so busy talking we never take pictures. As usual, I only got two pictures:



Note Piper’s you-are-a-stranger look.


To get more pictures, my clever solution was to hand off a camera to the kids. With some interesting results. Definitely a lot more relaxed pictures of kids.





















Rachel made cloaks for us for the boys – better pictures of those soon.

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