2016 Texas-NM visit Day 3

We were staying with the extremely hospitable Israels. Seriously guys, we feasted on amazing eggplant pizza, salmon and grilled zucchini, and sushi at the Israel’s house, amazing Dr. Pepper (?!) BBQ with Grandpa and Grandma Agnew and co., the best salmon burgers at Grandpa and Grandma J’s house, and ridiculously good chicken and beef fajitas at the wedding. Between all that and a Moroccan themed feast and an asian themed noodle and grilled chicken dinner at my parents’ house, we felt completely spoiled.



Look at that grumpy pants!






After staying up remarkably late for several nights running, not to mention the time change which meant we were actually two hours later than even that… we look a bit crumbly.




After a few hours at the Israels’ we headed over to the Vincents.












Totally in their element.





Then over toe Grandpa and Grandma J’s house.





Amazing salmon sandwiches by Grandpa J.
































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