Random happenings in July


This is my favorite time of year in GA. There are peaches, strawberries, and blueberries for a reasonable price (for once!), and I take advantage of it.


Marty bought little electronic kits for the boys for Christmas. It’s July, and they finally got them out and completed the rolling dice kit. The boys enjoyed their first taste of soldering, and nobody lost an eye.






The boys enjoyed playing Clue in New Mexico so much that Marty bought Harry Potter Clue for them. We tried it out on Saturday, it’s pretty fun.


Some cute tiny eggplants from Grandma’s garden:


In other news, after making bag after bag in brown and black, I’m ready for some color again. I just finished a violin bag with a bright yellow interior (!!), and now I’m working on a plain satchel with a robin’s egg blue interior. It’s hard to convey in a picture, but you can color calibrate with your eyeballs.



[I went back and looked through my leather blog and it turns out I’ve hardly made anything without color all year. Silly me. I guess I have next to no reason to complain.]

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