The pictures I have taken this summer could probably be numbered on two hands. Terrible. We’ve been busy with neighborhood birthday parties, visiting cousins, weekly visits to the library, and swimming lessons with friends. Now that school has started again, we’re trying to get a solid month of it finished (with swimming breaks, thanks to kind church friends!) before heading back to Texas for Evan and Sara’s wedding.

In honor of that, here’s a pic of their engagement taken by my talented sis-in-law, Hannah.
And while I’m on the subject of weddings, aren’t these the cutest pictures? Dad and Mom on their wedding day.
Excited to meet little Emmelia Jayne in ten days!



Sugar coma after a visit to the Coke Museum during the aforementioned cousin visit.


Rainstorms without thunder is the most favored way to cool off.

The boys have been into practical jokes lately. Have I mentioned? They saved an empty mouthwash bottle, filled it with water and food coloring, and set it out as a trap for Marty. It worked, and he was definitely fooled and surprised. Joke over, right? Nope. That joke wouldn’t die. The next night it was set prominently forward again, and the actual mouthwash pushed further back. The next night, the real mouthwash was hidden behind paper towels. Night after that, in a storage container in the bathroom. Every night, the hiding places for the real mouthwash became more and more elaborate, while the colored water mouthwash got more convincing. They added soap so there’d be a few bubbles at the top. They dumped a little out so it would look used. Finally, they hid the real mouthwash so thoroughly I couldn’t find it at all and had to call a ceasefire.

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