Evan and Sara’s wedding, rehearsal dinner

Marty has started looking hunted whenever talk of socialization occurs. I guess it’s warranted, after the busiest year in our life. It was great seeing everyone back in Texas. The wedding was beautiful, and there were some good times in the days leading up to it, mostly unrecorded since we’re still in our picture slump. My sis-in-laws made me get my first manicure. Just in time for me to say I got at least one before I turned thirty. All of us sisters and sis-in-laws had an ice-cream evening at Rachel’s while the guys had a bachelor BBQ with friends. The kids loved spending Friday night and Saturday at Chandor Gardens, exploring all the paths, waterfalls, fountains, and bridges. Only two people fell into the Koi ponds — my little nephew and… guess who…. my youngest sister, Melody. Of course. The last evening was my favorite, as it had all the most important elements; various sunset or moonlit walks with various sisters, nephews, and kids, Mom’s excellent food, and good friends.

I’m learning how to sew. Let’s be clear, I’m not learning how to sew anything difficult. And anyone who knew me growing up knows the whole scenario is rich with irony and unlikely to end well. My first project could be described as “functional” if you’re being nice, “train wreck” if you’re inclined to be more honest. I remain undiscouraged by my admirable ability to ruin a project, since I now, after watching a tutorial, understand how to line a bag with the lining integrated, rather than dropping it in and sewing a seam along the top afterwards. I’m so proud of myself. I even got out my fabric sewing machine. Will wonders never cease?

Jack has developed a tick. It looks really alarming. His head jerks spasmodically to the left. It really looks like a medical condition, but he’s actually just jerking his hair out of his eyes. He wants a haircut. But his hair is not touching his eyes. Just his forehead. If he were older, he’d injure his neck. Oh, kids.

All the pictures are on facebook, but only a some here, as there were simply too many.





















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